Shank Adapter,Drill rod,DTH hammer and bits,Tophammer bit,,Tricone bit,Core bit.

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Device name Dimension Quantity Use
Large turret lathe Max process dia:600mm,length:3000mm 2 For components processing
Medium turret lathe Max process dia:600mm,length:2500mm 6 For components processing
Small turret lathes Max process dia:420mm,length:1500mm 6 For components processing
CNC lathe - 2 For components processing
Knee-and-column type Milling machine Worktable length:1325mm,width:320mm 3 For components processing
Vertical drilling machine Max drill hole dia:40mm 10 For components processing
Drill press Max drill hole dia:25mm 2 For components processing
Auto sawing machine Max cutting dia:400mm 2 For components processing
Slotting machine Max slotting lenth:320mm 2 For components processing
Honing machine   1 For components processing
Welding machine( AC) Max electric current:380A 2 Components processing and assembly
Normalizing furnace Max temperature:950℃  3 For components normalizing
Heating-furnace Max temperature:950℃  2 For components heating
Carburizing furnace Max temperature:950℃  3 For components carburizing
Annealing furnace Max temperature:950℃  1 For components annealing
Multifunction grinder Max hole dia:320mm. 2 For workpiece internal,surface,cylindrical grinding
Deep internal grinder Max grinding dia:400mm,length:1100mm 1 For internal cylinder grinding
Centraless grinder Max grinding dia:40mm  2 For tunsten carbide grinding
Hydraulic press 25 Ton 2 For tunsten carbide inserts
Packing machine 1 For product packing
Roof Hoist 5/2Ton 2 Conveying products and materials
Fork Lifter - 1 Conveying products and materials
Vernier Calipers(Vernier Type) by dimension of 300-700 14 For measuring
Micrometers Caliper by dimension upto 0-275 10 For measuring
Bore(Cylinder )gauges by dimension upto 0-350 3 For measuring
Computers Work station 3 For design and simulation

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