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About Us

Quality Warranty

To ensure that the customers use our drilling tools with no worries, hereby we warrant

1. Strictly select the finest raw material of nickel-alloy steel and tungsten carbide inserts to ensure the reliable quality.

2. Not only in the selection of raw material, but also in every procedures of production. We strictly comply with the standard of ISO9001 quality system and control very process step by fully scale inspection.

3. Use advanced CNC and specific heat-treatment facility and special "stress relief" process to ensure consistent quality.

4. Skill workers and dedicated R&D team are employed to ensure premium quality.

5. Advanced management system which are introduced since the company establish is the base for good product.

Compensation Rules

Two basic conditions before our stated compensation rules:

1. Working pressure of the hammer is between 0.50-2.40MPa.

2. The diameter of bits are not out of normal standard.

Concrete compensation rules

1. Replace for free in 7 working days:

(1) For Hammer: In the early stage, any breakage at external cylinder, internal

cylinder, piston, Chuck.

(2) For Bits:

Drill bit body for granite and quarts rocks is broken with less than half service life.

Drilling in very hard rock, the abrasion of guage button is less than 1/7, but there are consecutive more than 2 button ‘pop out’ or breakage in the hole.

2. Repairs as the customers’ requirement in 7 working days

(1) For Hammers: Not good working performance because of some light wear in the impact parts.

(2) For Bits: Two inserts fully falling out from the holes during half service life.

3. Not available compensation

(1) The is no compensation for broken button, drop piece or broken body of the drill bit if they are caused by improper operation or other human factor or drive reinforced concrete, etc.

(2) We will record the number of the drill bits which have been compensated. If the body is broken or the button is off again, we will not re-compensate it.

(3) All the products which are in the expired service life.

(4) Using our bits in bulk, the first two or three bits have been abnormal worn, the usage should be stopped and feedback should be given back to our company immediately. Otherwise, the company won’t be responsible for any loss of the customer.

(5) When used on soft rock such as limestone, weathered rock, coal mine and so on or on iron ore which is very hard and great resistance, the drill bit is broken beyond compensation.

(6) Special shaped drill bit under the following case shall not be compensated: 3-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 105mm; 4-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 130mm; 5-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 165mm; 6-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 203mm; 8-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 300mm; 10-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 350mm.

The final interpretation rights belongs to our company.

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