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Symmetrix Casing System (Symmetric Overburden Drilling System )

 Symmetrix overburden drilling system 
JESSIN symmetrix drilling system is designed to drill and case a hole simultaneously through unstable ground conditions. The driver bit incorporated with a satisficial ring or reusable ring makes a full face head design which significantly improves the penetration rate and hole straightness of drilling. The internal flushing grooves together with the built-in casing shoes gives a good seal to the button of the drilling hole, and thus minimizing the disruption of the surrounding of the drill hole. 

The three main components of the system are made up of:
A pilot bit that drills away the center part of the hole and guides the drill string. The pilot bit is attached to any common DTH hammer shank or top hammer rod thread.
A casing shoe welded to the casing pipe which is pulled down by the impact of the hammer and pilot bit.
A symmetrical ring bit that is locked onto the pilot bit drills the void for the casing to advance down the hole.
Symmetrix drilling systems can be used in a multitude of applications, handling casings from 114mm to 1020 mm to almost any depth.
Symmetrix Casing 114mm:USD440,
Symmetrix Casing 127mm:USD480,
Symmetrix Casing 146mm:USD530,
Symmetrix Casing 168mm:USD750,
Symmetrix Casing 178mm:USD880,
Symmetrix Casing 194mm:USD980,
Symmetrix Casing  219mm:USD1280,
Symmetrix Casing  244mm:USD1580,
Symmetrix Casing  273mm:USD1880,
Symmetrix Casing 323mm:USD2280,
Symmetrix Casing 406mm:USD3680,
Symmetrix Casing 508mm:USD5280,
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