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Post tension anchorage(prestress anchorage)

China Anchorage Specialist PC Strands Round Anchorage


JESSIN prestressed anchoring system is composed of stressing anchorage(YJM round anchorage, BJM flat anchorage, HM circular anchorage, DM button-head anchorage, GZM Freyssinet anchorage, YGM precision rolling nut and LM thread anchorage), dead-end anchorage(dead-end anchorage type P, dead-end anchorage type H, dead-end anchorage type PT), coupler(YJL round coupler, BJL flat coupler, YGL and DM coupler), duct, tooling anchorage and stressing equipments. The anchorages can be categorized into different specifications according to the dia. of strands(Φ9.5, Φ11.1, Φ12.7, Φ15.2, Φ17.8, Φ18.9 and Φ21.6, etc.) and different prestressing tendons.


The advantages of JESSIN prestressed anchoring system: 
      *Wide applications: it is adaptable for strands with diameters from Φ9.5 to Φ21.6 and various strength from 1570Mpa to 1960Mpa, for high tension wires with diameters from Φ4 to Φ10 and various strength from 1570Mpa to 1770Mpa and other prestressing tendons with different dia. and strength.
    *More choices: JESSIN prestressed anchoring system is available for 1 to 55 pcs of strands and other prestressing tendons. In addition, our company can design and produce anchorages of any specifications in accordance with demands of customers.
     *Good in terms of self-anchoring;
     *High static anchoring efficiency, stable and reliable;
     *Easy operation;
     *Be capable of multi-stage and repetitive stressing;
     *Strong in terms of anti-interference capability, less requirements for 
YJM Stressing Anchorage
YJM Stressing Anchorage includes YJM13, YJM15 and YJM18 anchorage, working together with YBZ2×2-50 or YBZ2×1.5-63 electric oil pump and YDC multi-strand center hole jack for stressing prestressing tendons. The anchorages can replace all similar anchoring systems home and abroad. It can also be used as dead-end anchorages in all conditions.
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