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PDC picks


The PDC pick consists of a alloy steel body, a hard alloy tungsten carbide holder and a super-hard PDC cutter. Each steel pick body has standard design dimensions compatible with all existing pick drums, holders and tools used in various industrial applications. PDC picks can divided into 3 parts according to the usage: PDC Rode picks, PDC Mining picks, and PDC Rotary drilling rig pick.


high quality pdc cutters for PDC Road picks


The characteristics :

(1) High wear resistance. The wear resistance of PDC is 100 thousand times of carbide alloy. And the substrates wear resistance is more than 10 times than of steel material 42 CrMo. It can increase the life of PDC picks greatly, especially used in medium hard formation..

(2) High impact resistance. The impact strength is greater than 400 Joule. It can effectively avoid break off and increase the service life.

(3) High heat resistance. The performance wont degrade bellow 700℃. In practical use, its service life is 8 times more than that or carbide picks. In addition, it doesnt result in sparks, saves much time spending on the replacing of picks and increase the output per shift. It increase the efficiency of exploration and lowers the cost. The PDC picks made by company has good cost performance ratio.


PDC Road picks

PDC road picks are the cutting element applied to road milling machines. The machines are used in road repair, bridge deck leveling etc. for both concrete pavement, asphalt, road milling and road pick milling drum etc.



PDC Mining picks

The PDC mining picks are use the PDC insert as pick tips, it can be widely used in all kinds of mining machines, heading machines, Integrated Heading Machine, continuous miners etc. suitable for coal, mining and mineral usages.




PDC rotary drilling rig pick

A rotary drilling rig is a construction machine used for drill holes. It is suitable for drilling in sandy soils, grouting piles and cohesive soils etc. It is the ideal rotary drilling rig pick for soil and rock drilling.


 high quality pdc cutters for PDC Road picks

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