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Atlas Copco Portable Air compressor Spare Part

(Atlas Copco mobile screw air compressor) AC Compressor 


Atlas Copco Portable Air compressors

Portable, safe and ultra-reliable


Atlas Copco is the leading manufacturer of portable compressed air machines in the world. Used in a wide variety of industries, Atlas Copco has developed a set of machines that successfully walk the line between size, output and capacity.


This series of machines are perfect for jobs that require a high volume of air. Rock drilling is a business application that has seen strong growth recently, as more and more minerals are mined from the earth. This easy to operate and safe machines allow for a quick start-up in quarries and, ultimately, increase the productivity of the drillers.


For sandblasting and rock drilling use

Total cost of ownership through lower fuel consumption and longer machine life are priorities for all our machines. First and foremost with the help of FuelXpert™ – the completely new and unique fuel saving system, that electronically regulates the engine speed and the air inlet valve to optimise fuel consumption.

Above all though, Atlas Copco compressors are built for reliability and simple easy maintenance, and many years of loyal and trouble free service.



- FuelXpert™ for optimised fuel consumption

- Wagon mounted

- Low noise output

- Large fuel tank capacity from 538 up to 708 litres

- Best for use in all weather conditions (-25°C to +50°C)

- Optimum mix between cooling air flow and size of coolers

- Cosmos™



- Operator and environmental safe

- Lowest total cost of ownership

- Best fuel consumption in class

- Portable and easy to transport

- Ideal for urban use

- Best fuel autonomy for complete working shift


Technical Data


Atlas Copco Portable Air compressor(Atlas Copco mobile screw air compressor) AC Compressor Model XAMS496
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